Open Source

Some of my open source projects that are located on GitHub.

Name Description Language Link
binview Multiplatform Qt-based binary file viewer application that displays binary file contents in hexadecimal, octal, decimal and text formats.

It is fast and opens files of any size (no 4GB limit) in constant time.
C++, Qt GitHub
crc32 Command line program that calculates CRC32 file hashes.

It uses a C# implementation of CRC32 hash algorithm that is inherited from System.Security.Cryptography.HashAlgorithm class.
C#, .NET 2 GitHub
dostools A collection of command-line utilities.
 C#, .NET 2 GitHub
gifdotnet .NET class library for processing GIF images.

Supported specifications: GIF87a, GIF89a, Netscape Looping Application Extension (animated GIFs, "NETSCAPE2.0"), Netscape Buffering Application Extension, AnimExts Looping Application Extension ("ANIMEXTS1.0")
C#, .NET 2 GitHub
gpalbum Downloads entire photo albums from Google+. C#, .NET 2 GitHub
knowncolors Application that shows all known .NET system colors. C#, .NET 2 GitHub
morsemc Morse code generator for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 and Microsoft Lync.

It uses Communicator/Lync status to transmit messages in Morse code.
C#, .NET 2 GitHub
qnc An attempt to create a multiplatform Qt-based NC-like shell application. C++, Qt GitHub
randomfile Command line program that generates a file with given length and random content.

Optionally can generate files that consist only of ASCII characters (32-127), generate files with the same content if seed parameter is given, calculate SHA-1 hash on generated files.
C#, .NET 2 GitHub
rslinks Firefox add-on that copies to Clipboard or downloads all RapidShare links from the current page with one mouse click.

It also strikes out broken RapidShare links on Web page and shows number of valid and broken RapidShare links in the statusbar.
JavaScript GitHub
usbdevices .NET 2.0 library that uses Setup API to list all USB devices attached to local computer. C#, .NET GitHub
yant Yet Another "New Tab" Firefox add-on that loads homepage or any other URL when a new tab is open.

Empty tab can be still opened with Ctrl+Shift+M keyboard shortcut.
JavaScript GitHub
ylettv C# class library to work with YLE teletext (teksti-TV) API, plus simple application that shows YLE teletext pages.

It is a side project for one of my Windows Phone applications.
YLE is Finland's national public broadcasting company.
C#, .NET, WP7 GitHub